Can asthma be cured?

In 2017 we do not yet have a cure for asthma.  We do have very effective medications that keep asthma under control, so that people with asthma can often be free of all symptoms for long periods of time. However, even then, asthma is not cured. If a person stops the...

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If you have asthma, should you be sailing?

If your asthma is out of control – with coughing, wheezing, and shortness of breath – it would not be safe to be sailing alone around the world.  However, Rich Wilson has worked hard to keep his asthma under good control.  He takes his medications for asthma every...

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Q&A: Dr. Chris Fanta

What are you working on now? I have two exciting asthma-related projects that are currently the focus of my attention, and they are very different in the ways that they might potentially help people deal with their asthma. One project involves the creation of a...

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Q&A: What is Asthma?

Q: Anna, Shanghai, China A: "Asthma is a respiratory disease. It manifests itself primarily as inflammation of the airways, and constriction of the airways, primarily the bronchial tubes in the lungs. Patients may have various "triggers" for their asthma, or things...

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Dr. Chris Fanta

Partners Asthma Center

Clinical Background
Medical Education: Harvard Medical School 1975
Residency: Peter Bent Brigham Hospital
Internal Medicine 6/30/78
Fellowship: Peter Bent Brigham Hospital
Pulmonary Disease 6/30/80
Board Certification: Critical Care Medicine 1991
Internal Medicine 1978
Pulmonary Medicine 1980
Author: “Harvard Medical School Guide to Taking Control of Asthma” 2002
Founder: Partners Asthma Center

Clinical Interests:

  • asthma
  • chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
  • general pulmonary disease
  • sarcoidosis

Asthma Center
Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine