Podcasts: Week 9

January 04: Pacific Swells January 02: Trying to Catch Our Breath January 01: Alone December 31: Crossing the International Date Line December 30: Heading North

Podcasts: Week 8

December 29: Weather Maneuvers December 28: New Sail Combination December 27: Caution in Chaotic Seas December 25: Screeching to a Halt December 24: Video Ship’s Log: Storm Planning December 23: Slowing Down

Podcasts: Week 7

December 21: Sailing Along with Eric Bellion December 20: Approaching Cape Leeuwin December 19: Two Ships in the Night December 18: Video Connections December 17: Thundering Along December 16: Tail End of the Storm

Podcasts: Week 6

December 15: In the Eye of the Depression December 14: Here Comes the Front December 13: Getting into Position for a Storm December 12: Speeding Towards the Kerguelen Islands December 11: A Good Repair December 10: A Voyage of Personal Discovery December 09: Deep in...

Podcasts: Week 5

December 07: Off the Southeast Corner of South Africa December 06: Caught in a Squall December 05: Approaching Cape Agulhas December 04: Repairing the Fractional Gennaker December 03: An Explanation of AIS December 02: An Interesting Sea-Going...

Podcasts: Week 4

December 01: Getting Ready for the Next Front November 30: Admiration for the Leaders November 29: Preparing for a Low Pressure System November 28: First Albatross Sighting November 27: Getting Ready for Chilly Weather November 26: A Difficult 24 Hours November 25:...