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Marti Shea

President, Select Fitness

“I grew up in Manchester, NH and was blessed to have a Dad who was a champion baseball and basketball player, who encouraged and spent time with me honing my skills as an athlete. My youth was spent playing various sports including baseball, basketball, soccer, skiing and later on Cross Country and Track.

“I was fortunate to acquire a full athletic scholarship to Boston University for distance running which led to my being named an All American Cross Country runner and post college, a Nike athlete. At age 43, I no longer was running but decided to take up cycling not knowing initially that I would very quickly rise the ranks of being a Cat 1 racer. Over the past 10 years, I have had the honor of winning the prestigious Mt Washington Hill Climb 11 times along with numerous professional stage races including: The Killington Stage Race, The Green Mt Stage Race, The Bennington Stage race and numerous other one day road races and Time Trials around the country and the world.

“It would have been very difficult if not impossible for me to have achieved these accomplishments without having the positive influence from my family. Each family member, my parents and two siblings played a vital role in who I became as both an athlete and a person. My Dad was an exceptional role model and also he spent numerous hours with me teaching me how to be an athlete. The proclivity for me to be a successful athlete was evident at a young age but without the proper guidance I never could have achieved the levels in all sports that I attained.

“In addition to my family , my high school cross country coach, played a major role in my life. Doug Glance, taught me more about life than any other teacher. He used Cross Country to teach his young athletes how to succeed in the world. I will never forget on the weight room wall, he painted several words that I still live by today. Those words include determination, hard work ethic, tenacity and mental toughness. These words back then as a 14 year old resonated with me the very same way they do today at 53 years old. This one teacher changed my outlook on the world and influenced my life forever. The philosophies that he instilled in me, allowed me to have self confidence, thus I ended up completely switching sports and being totally confident even at age 43 that I would be successful as a cyclist. I also took chances in my career as well. I started my own business right out of college because I was confident I would succeed. I knew I had determination, tenacity, a hard work ethic and the mental toughness not to give up when times got rough. I am very fortunate to have had incredible parents who not only gave me the physical genes to be an athlete but also gave me stability and love growing up .

“My favorite teacher and coach Doug Glance instilled a positive influence on me throughout my high school years and beyond. I am forever grateful for these people and many others who have shaped my character, my beliefs and philosophies about life.”

“Empower each client with education and motivation so that they are confident, successful and have fun in the discovering their full mental and physical capabilities.”