Sail Changes

We made very good speeds yesterday, right up against my tolerance for stress and waiting for something to break. I think the only way past that is... read more

Through the Azores

Yesterday we had a long fast run toward the Azores. Finally deciding on common sense to go straight for France when we could, rather than follow the... read more


We had strong winds last night as the beginning of the big depression started to move to our area. Actually, ours was a secondary depression to the... read more

The Harmattan

We encountered an interesting condition today, the harmattan, which is when the fine powder sand of the Sahara Desert is blown out to sea. We are... read more

Out of the Trades

We are finally out of the worst of the pounding of the trade winds, we still have 15-25 knots of wind, but the direction has shifted from Northeast... read more

20 Degrees North

We’ve reached the 20 degree north line, which is approximately the outer limits for the trade winds. They’ve moved north a little bit, over the last... read more

Pounding Along

We are at the latitude of the windward leeward islands down in the Caribbean and just about half way across Africa. We are getting occasional... read more

Safety Below Deck

Through the night we continued to make progress north. The trade winds have been moderate so far, which is far easier on the boat and skipper.... read more