Week 15

We have gotten through the Northeast Trade Winds and are aiming for the Azores. Flying fish continue to come on board and we’ve seen evidence... read more

Week 14

We start the week by crossing the Equator, after 91 days, 6 hours, and 14 minutes of racing. On to the Inter Tropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ) and... read more

Week 13

We continue our climb up the Atlantic Ocean, in variable wind conditions. Progress is made degree by degree. We’ll be off the coast of Brazil... read more

Week 12

We are slowly making our way up the Atlantic Ocean. While the shifting winds have been challenging, at least we are seeing more sun, stars, and... read more

Week 11

We face challenging conditions as we approach Cape Horn, with shifting weather forecasts and gale force winds. We’ll take the outside route,... read more

Week 10

This week we’ve been sailing along the Antarctic Exclusion Zone, in the company of 3 other boats. We had one afternoon of sunshine, but... read more

Week 9

We were welcomed to 2017 with a gale – the violence that the sea can heap on a boat is not describable. After an exhausting couple of days, we... read more

Week 8

This week we had a lonely Christmas at sea, but we received many holiday emails from friends and family, and had several Skype video conversations... read more

Week 7

We passed one of the milestones of Vendée Globe this week, Cape Leeuwin, at the southwest corner of Australia. This is also a reminder that we still... read more

Week 6

We continue to cross the Indian Ocean, in the company of squalls and albatross. Albatross & Sunset Sunset Shrimp Front passage Instruments... read more