Week 5

We passed the Cape of Good Hope this week and now head to the Indian Ocean. Keeping an eye on the boat and the weather, we’ve also managed to... read more

Week 4

Due to a high pressure system, that has produced tricky wind conditions, we are still crossing the South Atlantic Ocean. We did get a chance to... read more

Week 3

At the beginning of this week we crossed the Equator, for the 12th time under sail. Continuing south, we’ve had good weather, answered some... read more

Week 2

The second week of Vendée Globe has seen a lead pack of boats break away and cross the equator in record times. We are nearly through the doldrums... read more

Week 1

What a first week it has been! We began crossed the starting line on November 6, 2016, after an emotional farewell to family and friends on the... read more

Getting Ready to Go

Skipper Rich Wilson and members of his team in Les Sables d’Olonne. Great American IV is prepared for Vendée Globe and Rich participates in... read more

Great American IV

Some of our favorite photos of Great American IV and Skipper Rich Wilson. The aerial views were shot from a helicopter, and our thanks to Bernard... read more

March 10: Arrival!

Skipper Rich Wilson crossed the finish line for the Vendee Globe at 1:43:19PM (French local time) on March 10, 2009 after sailing for 121 days, 0... read more