The fractional gennaker had its lashing at the bottom of the sail, connecting to the furling cable, come apart. The furled sail had then migrated up the cable about 1 meter, and needed to be pulled back down, to be able to lash the sail back to the furling cable.

We could hoist the furled sail on a masthead halyard, but the bottom of it would then be about 2-3 meters above deck. By putting a 1.5 meter strop (soft shackle) at the top, the bottom would then be close enough to the deck to be workable. We then used a spare furling drum to pull the furling cable tight, and an additional block to lead a line to the sail, to pull it close enough to re-lash.

Eventually, 6” from its target, it would go no further. Then I made a new monstrous lashing, and taped it.

The sail won’t be quite as aerodynamic, but it will be close. And on we go…