360° Videos shot on board Great American IV

The videos on this page are taken with a camera that allows you to see 360° when the video is playing. Click the title of the post to go to the video and then follow the instructions below, depending on what type of device you are using for viewing:


  1. If viewing on a desktop or laptop, use the controls on the video or your mouse to change your view while the video is playing.
  2. If viewing on a mobile device, click the image of the video to open the video in YouTube, for best playback. Move your device to pan around inside the video while its playing.
  3. If viewing on an iPad or other type of tablet, click the text link that appears above the video, to open it in YouTube. Move the tablet to pan around inside the video while its playing.

360° View of Stormy Seas

If using an iPad or other tablet, click this link for the 360° view on YouTube.   https://youtu.be/H7izeEaUwXQVideo can’t be loaded: 360°...