Sailing for the ITCZ

Getting across the equator yesterday was both a challenge and a relief. As we approached, it seemed as though the wind gods decided they... read more


Last night, after the sun set, I went down Joff Brown’s checklist for the boat. He is our Boat Captain and Team Manager, and knows the boat... read more

Tasks During the Calm

Yesterday was a very difficult day. From morning to nighttime, essentially zero wind, the boat going in circles, or at 2 knots if we had 2 knots of... read more


Another challenging night, not as bad in terms of miles lost as the previous night where we went in circles essentially for 4 – 5 hours, but... read more

Going in Circles

We are almost up to the latitude of Rio de Janeiro, which will be a good milestone. After we get there, we’ll have to go through a series of areas... read more

Sparkling Night Sky

It was promised in the brochure! And finally we had it! A sparkling night sky, no clouds for the first half, no moon either, so the stars were just... read more