The end of any great adventure brings a variety of feelings. First there is a sense of relief that comes from an end to the dangers and deprivations that have been endured. Then comes a sense of accomplishment from having worked so hard and long to achieve a very difficult goal. Rich will soon have circumnavigated the Earth solo nonstop not just once, but twice, an incredible accomplishment!

After being on the ocean, or any wild remote place for a long period of time it can be challenging to readjust to the “normal” world. Things we often take for granted like running water, fresh fruit, television, and a soft bed are much appreciated luxuries. On an expedition your priorities are different, and senses sharpened. You have to constantly innovate, solve problems and adapt. It is always nice to get back to civilization and all the comforts of home, at least for a while.

Then, despite all the hardship and fear, you start to reminisce about the amazing places you have been, and things you’ve seen that few people will ever experience. The shared experience of a challenging expedition often brings participants closer together and the friendships forged can be quite deep. While the comforts of home are appealing, to some people a life well lived means a series of great adventures. So, don’t be surprised if you see Rich Wilson set sail on yet another epic voyage, continuing to inspire people around the world to pursue their own dreams.