Hello Ellen:  The speed of motor boats depend on their engine’s power (it’s like cars: normal cars or racing cars are not the same). Anyway, normal motor boats like a fishing boat or travel boat go about 12 and 15 knots; speed boats can go 30 knots or more, but it depends on the sea. Flat sea, no problem, rough sea, when most of the waves are high, speed boats must reduce speed. Don’t forget that the main problem for motor boats is fuel: they must often refuel since they go fast.
Rich can sail round the world only with the wind!
The normal speed for L’Hermione was about 8 or 9 knots, and the max speed was 13.5 knots, with a maximum of 230 nautical miles a day when crossing the north Atlantic Ocean in 2015, very similar to Rich at this time with his racing boat!

Question submitted by Ellen