Good Day Dave,
Sadly piracy problems can occur anywhere at any time as even away from the well-known areas, there is still a mob of enthusiastic amateurs.  In a small craft it is virtually impossible to stop anyone boarding, given that even if you were armed, the boarders are better armed and more ruthless.  Offering violence in return will almost certainly get you killed on a small boat.  Unfortunately, the best methodology is to let them aboard, take what they wish and trust you are left alive and with the boat.  I would always secrete important papers such as the vessels Certificate of Registry, Last Port Clearance, and Passports.

If you go into a Website, ICC Commercial Crime Services, you will be able to trawl through a lot of info regarding Piracy attacks.  The Caribbean is very quiet though, with only two attacks in recent times.

Remember, if unsure or concerned and there is no need to go, don’t go.

Kindest regards and Yours Aye,

Question submitted by Dave, Rochester, USA