In 2017 we do not yet have a cure for asthma.  We do have very effective medications that keep asthma under control, so that people with asthma can often be free of all symptoms for long periods of time. However, even then, asthma is not cured. If a person stops the asthma medications and is exposed to one of the stimuli that provoke asthma symptoms (like a cat to which the person is allergic), all of the symptoms of asthma can come right back.

Medical science advances at a rapid pace.  It is possible that within your lifetime, a cure for asthma will be found.  Most exciting to me is the current research into the prevention of asthma.  It is possible that actions taken in early childhood will work to prevent the onset of asthma in allergic children at risk for developing asthma.

Question submitted by Abigail, age 12, via News-O-Matic