I am a doctor, and so to prepare for my medical career I studied (in college) biology, chemistry, and physics, the usual requirements before attending medical school. But my real interest over those years before medical school was English Literature. So, many of my favorite courses were about poetry, novels, plays, and literary criticism. I wrote papers on the novels of Joseph Conrad and the plays of Christopher Marlowe and enjoyed talking with others about their writings and what they were trying to tell us in them. In the end, my love of writing a paper – organizing my thoughts, telling a logical story, and finding the right words for clear communication – have served me well as a doctor interested in medical education. I work at a “teaching hospital” and write articles about diseases and their treatments for other medical providers.

If you ask me about one course that I took early in school to help me prepare for what I do, I’d have to say: typing!

Good luck.