Good question David.  My profession is operating ships like tankers and bulk carriers.  Like Rich Wilson, I grew up sailing and watching ships go steaming by. However I never expected to be in the business. My favorite subjects at school were history and math. In history I was most interested in the great explorers, most of whom were also sailors. In college I ended up majoring in engineering (the math helped) and minoring in history. After serving three years in the Navy, then racing big ocean racing yachts all over the world, I returned to college to get a master of business at Harvard Business School. At that point I thought that with my engineering, love of the ocean, and finally business education, perhaps I should try the shipping business!  All the threads came together. Perhaps the only lesson here is that if you follow both your passions and your skills, and can combine them, then you are most likely to find the right career. Your success will be certain if you focus and work as hard as Rich Wilson is right now! Good luck!