It is very different to life on dry land; there isn’t anyone around us, we are really alone; it is a moving environment unlike terra firma, so the boat moves all the time and we always need to put away our things so they don’t fall and be ready to move, etc. We are submersed in unspoilt nature and also closer to it; (like in a forest), and we also feel more vulnerable to it, at the mercy of the elements. We observe our environment a lot, like the sky, the clouds, the weather, the sea birds and everything which is living around us. Other than this, the needs are the same as on dry land: eating, sleeping, washing, etc. But at sea you need to save everything as there aren’t any stores around and you need to learn to live with a little and therefore consume as little energy, drinking water, supplies, etc. as possible. And also you must not throw anything polluting into the sea!

Question submitted by Xenia, FasTracKids Galati (Romania)