Albatross & Sunset

At the end of this big effort to sail around the world singlehanded, it will be time to reflect on what I’ll miss from these offshore days when I am back on land.

I’ll miss the very clean air of the ocean and how my lungs love it. I’ll miss seeing the flying fish whiz here and there trying to escape from our boat that they perceive to be a predator. They fly for 150 yards on their fins – it is amazing! I’ll miss the amazing albatross of the south, who glide on their long wings for days, weeks, months, hardly ever flapping their wings, they are the perfect aerodynamic machine. I’ll miss the stars of the Southern Hemisphere that we can’t see from the north where I live, because they are different, and they are an adventure.

Student from FasTracKids Irapuato

From this race, I’ll especially miss the almost daily communications with fellow competitors. We are all challenged by the sea, we are all doing our best, we are all having highs and lows in our minds and spirits, as well as in our weather systems. My friends of the south especially have helped to sustain me, and, I’d like to think, perhaps I helped to encourage them a little bit too.

I’ll also miss the interactions with our sitesALIVE students around the world. I’ve had the marvelous chance to bring a bit of the ocean to you, 70% of the planet, but unseen and not experienced by so many. These interactions I will miss the most.