Dear DoJoon, We have had several repair jobs on the boat so far. Each takes time away from sailing/racing the boat, and yet is essential to correct. We had to replace a batten car (where the mainsail attaches to the track that goes up the mast). And had to repair a broken hydraulic tube that was very small in a system for the hydrogenerator. That device is like a reverse outboard motor, where you put a propeller in the water, it spins, and that drives an alternator that produces electricity for the batteries. That was critically important because we must have electricity for the autopilots and navigation systems, as well as communications and lights. One difficulty has been that I have not been getting enough sleep (see the sleep data). I am very tired, and it is likely that one might make more mistakes when one is tired. So sleep is essential, and I will force trying to get more.

Question submitted by DoJoon, Seongnam, South Korea