Dear Daniel,

Yes, we can move the keel 40 degrees from vertical to the left, and 40 degrees from vertical to the right. The keel is 14.5 feet deep from the water surface to the bottom of the bulb. The keelfin is made of carbon and is a hydrodynamic shape to minimize water resistance. The bulb at the bottom weighs about 6,000 pounds. When the keel is swung to windward, it counterbalances the forces of the sails that are trying to tip the boat over. One aspect that amazes me is that there is only a 20 inch lever arm above the hinge point which is at the bottom of the hull, to where two huge hydraulic rams are attached. So that is a very short lever arm to push 3 tons of lead that is on the end of a 13 foot arm. The loads on the hydraulic ram are enormous.

Submitted by Daniel, Balatonboglár, Hungary