Dear Cordelia: No, I have not seen any mermaids. But your question does remind me of something that happened last night involving a curious creature from the sea. I was sitting in the cockpit looking at our Star Book by H.A. Rey since we had, for the first time in months I think, a completely clear night sky, with no moon, and so the stars were bright and shining and amazing. Suddenly there was a thud, a different noise. Often on a boat, the first indication that there is a problem is a new sound. So I got up, and gingerly looked over the top of the coach roof, which is just about neck level for me. I had my headlight on, and it was shining forward, and I’m looking to see if there are any ropes or anything else that looks out of place. I slowly turn my gaze toward the mast and the starboard side, and – whoa! – there is a big flying fish about 6 inches from my face! He’d bounced off part of the boat while airborne,and landed there. His gills were pumping as he tried to breathe. I grabbed him, knowing my fingers would smell of flying fish for about a day, and tossed him back in the ocean.

Question submitted by Cordelia, FasTracKids Reynosa