First, one always needs a future adventure to challenge oneself, emotionally, intellectually, physically, and within sailing, Vendée Globe is the biggest challenge that exists. Second, for VG2008-9, we had a very big sitesALIVE! school program, for science, geography, math, in the USA. We knew that we had great interest to publish our program in many countries around the world, but we did not have the time or resources to pull in those partners. Thus we come back for VG2016 to engage that global interest. This time, we have partners in China, Taiwan, USA, plus a partner with schools in 45 countries, and the patronage of the French Ministry of Education, approving our program for use in schools there as well. We have an extraordinary Team of Experts and will have Global Online Forums for students to interact around the world, about this fabulous race that actually goes around the world. This is our mission and objective.

Question submitted by Monica, Taipei City, Taiwan