richwilson-head-600w827hSkipper Rich Wilson
explains his severe asthma

3-rbw-asthma-flowvolume-graph-20090923-rednormal-blackwilsonRich’s Pulmonary Function Test

Rich Wilson speaks about his asthma

Rich’s Peak Flow % vs Normal (550)

  • peak flow latest 72%
  • 2016-February 26 67%
  • 2016-February 25 75%
  • 2016-February 27 – Rich’s Peak Flow at Sea 79%

Peak Flow is a measurement of how much air a patient can exhale in 1 second. It is used as a predictor of asthma attacks. For gender, age, and height, there are Normal Values for Peak Expiratory Flow. By taking his 4 medications daily, Rich’s Peak Flow usually reaches ~70-80% of Normal for him.