In fact we had an episode recently of Enda O’Coineen passing close to us. See Ship’s Log 12/20 for the details. The essence is that you do not want to be close to another boat since that skipper might be sleeping, or if the wind shifts the autopilot will follow the wind and change the boats direction in front of you. If there were ever a collision it would be catastrophic for both boats. So for about 5 hours last night both Enda and I were on high alert to make sure we were clear of each other. He has electronic problems and usually he would show up on my computer screen automatically by AIS. But not last night. And since he was behind us, my radar, which is on the front of the mast, could not see him. Ultimately I relied on the best technology ever – my eyes! And I saw his masthead light and could follow him. I called him and said maintain your course and you’ll pass us cleanly and clearly.

– Question submitted by Cam, West Newbury, MA, USA