Dear Louison et Nans,
I will try to sleep between 5 and 6 hours in 24 hours. It will not be all at once, and it is unlikely to be all at night. I have some really good stocking caps that pull down over my eyes so that I can sleep during the day! I studied with a sleep specialist Dr. Claudio Stampi many years ago, to understand the natural biological rhythms of sleep. Dr. Stampi was a medical doctor, plus a PhD, plus had been skipper of a Whitbread Race boat (around the world race for fully crewed sailboats). He was highly accomplished! He said that a natural biological sleep cycle is about 90-100 minutes, and that there were 5 levels of sleep. He said that you could “cluster-nap”, by which he meant that if you were sleeping, and woke up by alarm clock after one sleep cycle, that you could then look around the horizon, check the radar, and instruments, and if you didn’t fully awaken (by grinding a winch or getting a wave in the face), then you could go back to sleep and re-join your depth level of sleep more easily. I was able to do that a bit last night, although my naps were much shorter than 90 minutes, since we were still in shipping and fishing areas and I was nervous about that.

Question submitted by Louison et Nans, Valensole, France